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Description:  The LT3600 Particle Size Analyzer integrated with multiple patents is widely used for particle characterization in abrasives, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, battery materials, geology and hydrology etc。

Linkoptik  technical  team  has  more  than  20  years’  experience  in  particle  characterization,  applications  and  development.  They developed  the first commercial laser particle size analyzer in China and have a fantastic reputation throughout the world. LT3600 is a new generation of intelligent laser particle size analyzer with high data acquisition rate based on many years of scientific research.  LT3600  has  many  excellent  specifications  breaking  through  the limitations and bottlenecks of existing particle size analysis. It has become a milestone in the particle size analyzer market.
LT3600: Integrated with multiple innovations:
  Spatial filter and polarization combined with fibre technology
  Correction of anomalous change of airy disk (ACAD) in diffraction
  Tilted and trapezoid cell windows
  Grilling super-large angle detector array
  Optimization of inversion algorithm and self-adaptive technique
  Dual-drive dispersion and integration technology
LT3600: Optical system also featured with the following:
  Fully comply with ISO13320 standard
  Unique optical path configuration, large continuous physical detection angle, no dead detection zone
  Improved inversion algorithm with high resolution and sensitivity
  Size range 0.02μm -- 3600μm with no need for lens change
  Data acquisition rate up to 20kHz
  Solid-state laser light source with automatic temperature stabilizing system
  Spatial filter and polarization with fibre technique, no pinhole needed

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